My sidebar didn't show Plan and Iterations

Hey everyone,

I’m currently trying to work through the “Use GitLab to run Agile Iteration” tutorial on my self-managed instance (version 15.11). Unfortunately, I’m facing an issue where I can’t find the “Plan” menu in my sidebar, as mentioned in the documentation.

Comparing my sidebar with the one on my account, I can locate “Plan,” but it doesn’t include the “Iterations” submenu. Also, I’m unable to find epics in the sidebar of both my self-managed instance and account.

I apologize if this is a basic question, but it’s a bit challenging to follow documentation when some elements seem to be missing. Any guidance on configuring my sidebar correctly or where I can find these topics in my instance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

The documentation here: Iterations | GitLab suggests that this is a paid option within “Premium” and “Ultimate”. Epics also: Epics | GitLab

So if you don’t have a subscription, then you won’t see this.

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Thanks ! I didn’t see

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