Name and Email from AD

I did an integration with AD, however I can not retrieve the user’s full name and email from him.

See part of my /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

 gitlab_rails['ldap_enabled'] = true
 gitlab_rails['ldap_servers'] = YAML.load <<-'EOS' # remember to close this block with 'EOS' below
   main: # 'main' is the GitLab 'provider ID' of this LDAP server
     label: 'AD Conecta'
     host: ''
     port: '389'
     uid: 'sAMAccountName'
     method: 'plain' # "tls" or "ssl" or "plain"
     bind_dn: 'svc-Jenkins'
     password: 'ascarides_123'
     active_directory: true
     allow_username_or_email_login: false
     block_auto_created_users: false
     base: 'DC=dcporto, DC=local'
     user_filter: 'OU=Porto Conecta,OU=Usuarios,DC=dcporto,DC=local'
       username: ['uid', 'userid', 'displayName']
       email:    'info'
       name:     'displayName'
       first_name: 'givenName'
       last_name:  'sn'
     ## EE only
     group_base: ''
     admin_group: ''

Quando eu entro na opção “profile settings” no gitlab, não aparece o nome e email que estão no AD.
Essas informações o GITLAB não recupera o AD?