Need some help on GitLab API

Hi Team,

Actually I’m doing some automations on AWS servers. So what I did is I developed a pop up window for VM management(start/reboot/shut down) operations using python tkinter module. Now I have separate GitLab project for start/reboot/shut down operation. Now I want once I put the VM names, select start option and submit that, then it will copy VM names to config file in GitLab project and parallelly trigger pipeline. I have attached the snap of pop up window.

So that’s my thought and now currently I’m bit confused how to build connection between popup windows and GitLab. Please help me out. I have attached the snap of window.

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Hi @dasanirban834

What I would do.
Create trigger token on the gitlab project.
Use trigger via API endpoint and just pass the inputs from the form as CI/CD variables. In Python you would use requests to do HTTP cals, I guess.
Have a smart script in the repo that would take the CI/CD variables and execute action based on values.

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