Need some help with Services API

Hi, I am trying to read Jenkins Services on a repo, for which I am an owner too. However, when I use the services api with the following command, I am getting 404

curl --request GET --header ‘PRIVATE-TOKEN: *********’

The Jenkins has been configured on this URL, even services return the same issue. The token is that of the owner.

Version of GITLAB API being used : 11.8.10-ee

I solved the above issue, by using the Project ID instead of the name and I was able to configure the Jenkins Integrations. I am stuck with one small problem though, irrespective of what I do, I am unable to set merge_requests_events to true. push_events is being turned off and on.

Here is the data parameters, I used : --data “jenkins_url=http://myJenkinsUrl&project_name=CI/Archive/test-job-5&merge_requests_events=true&push_events=true”