New project guidelines feature


In admin/application_settings/appearance , “New project pages > New project guidelines”, you can set an information block which is displayed on the project creation page.

Strange thing is the same block is displayed on the 3 types of project (blank, import, template).

  1. One side effect is that the block is flowing beside the title & introduction paragraph, where the page has already many information.
  2. It gives the block less visibility, although it may contain important information.

Don’t you think it would be better to put it in the projects/new page, where the block would naturally stand out above the project-kind blocks ?

In my view, the block should be “cleared” and on its own, rather than floated beside other paragraphs

Would it be interesting to add a validation checkbox like the Terms of Service, ensuring people didn’t miss the block ?

Our use case is that we have some rules of what to not deliver and not to do in your repo, and some people like to oversee this in their project.

Thanks for your feedback. Suggest adding screenshots to aid the textual description. It sounds like you are experiencing UX problems — therefore, I’d suggest creating an issue with the screenshots attached, to discuss with engineers and product designers.

ticket submitted: New project page block at the wrong place (#439976) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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