New projects not registered properly


I’m hosting a GitLab and GitLab Runner instance on Docker. At some point, between six months ago and a month ago, something happened with my GitLab instance (which is pretty old, and has been migrated from a standalone using MySQL to Docker/PGSQL a couple years ago), I don’t know exactly when, nor what. But all projects created since then have the same issues:

  • The CI doesn’t work (pipelines are created, but the runner isn’t picking jobs. Importing exactly the same repository - including the .gitlab-ci.yml - of a working project in a new one doesn’t work, the runner has no tags or project-specific settings)
  • They don’t appear in the Admin -> Overview -> Dashboard panel, nor in Admin -> Overview -> Projects.

Everything else seems to work fine, but it’s a small instance, not used a lot, so something else could be not working without anyone noticing.

Is there anything I could to to consolidate the data, or something like that?


Edit: in the Admin -> Overview -> Dashboard panel, the project count is correct. When I click to display user details (fqdn/admin/users/x/projects), I don’t see the recently created projects, but from a group (fqdn/admin/groups/y), I see them. Also, if I go to fqdn/admin/projects/x/y, y being a “broken” project, it works.

I found (and fixed) the issue: the projects.pending_delete was missing its default value, and some projects had it set to null. The schema (from tells it should be set to false as default.

Is there any way to check the whole database schema?