No Folders after cloning Repository from existing Project


I am using GitLab in my free time, since it fits my needs more than GitHub, etc.
To administrate my projects, I normally use the web client. Today I’ve created a new project and wanted to clone it. After entering “git clone” (I’ve tried it without SSH, but there is no difference) the message “Cloning into “Projectname”…” appears. After this nothing happens. There is no folder (also checked hidden items) or any other sign of the Project. Even “ls -la” in the shell doesn’t make any difference. Currently I have several projects and I’ve never had any problems like this so far.

I would be glad, if somebody can help me. (Win10 Education, git version

Sorry but when I try to open your project, I get 404 and can’t find your project at the following url:

Yes, because that name was abstracted.The repository is private aswell, so normally you shouldn’t be able to see it anyways.