No space left on device on (runner or cache error)

Hello ! Since a few day I have a task systematically failing, because of “No space left on device”
See here Pipeline · AGEPoly / Informatique / infra / Kubernetes · GitLab (master branch)

Maybe a runner problem - Runner (Hint: /admin/runners):

But this may also happen because of a potential bug in the cache handling, I tried an improvement to our CI using the cache feature on a test branch (feat/external-build-trigger) and the bug appeared on the next ci run on master banch The first failling pipeline is this one : Pipeline · AGEPoly / Informatique / infra / Kubernetes · GitLab

Hi @teo.goddet

Was this on one of GitLab’s shared runners?

In this topic @tvaughan reported seeing the same problem, but I think he raised a support request about it. If you can’t do the same thing, and restarting your pipelines doesn’t help, then maybe it’s worth messaging him.

This issue looks like it might be related (since you saw this when your pipeline cache was being uploaded) so it might be worth commenting there?