Nobody can create groups or project or edit permissions

Problem to solve

I’ve installed the latest gitlab-ee version (without license), created an admin user and then configured ldap authentication (active directory).

Admin user can’t create groups (permission denied), can’t create projects (404), the “+” button only show “new snippet” and I have no permission settings under the admin area.


I’ve basically changed nothing in the configuration file (confgured ldap, smtp and nothing more).



  • GitLab 16.10.0-ee oin RHEL

gitlab:check and other maintenance checks are all ok

Any suggestion?

I have the same problem, I have created a instance from zero, but already using a ldap configuration to login, only root don’t have ldap account but still can’t create groups or import/migrate groups neither.

Since the root and all admin users are new accounts, all them receive the implication of the option ‘disable creating top-level group’.
The workaround was disable temporarily the option to create top-level groups, use the root to create the initial structure, add the users on the top-level group created, then reactivate the option, to be able to the admin users not be considerable as new users.