Not able to delete a project 500 error

I am trying to delete a project and every time I click the “yes, delete project” get a 500 error.

==> /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/production.log <==
Started DELETE “/ch132182/ansible_plays” for at 2021-01-07 15:33:42 -0500
Processing by ProjectsController#destroy as HTML
Parameters: {“authenticity_token”=>"[FILTERED]", “namespace_id”=>“ch132182”, “id”=>“ansible_plays”}
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 18ms (ActiveRecord: 1.2ms | Elasticsearch: 0.0ms | Allocations: 7703)

I am currently running
GitLab Community Edition 13.6.1

I am kind of at a loss for how to fix this.

Could you share the exception and stack-trace printed below the Completed 500 Internal Server Error line in the log? That could help narrow down the specific check that may be failing, or in finding any previously reported issues.

What is the output of the doctor secrets rake task?
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:doctor:secrets