Not able to run a command from git pipeline

We are using google cloud and trying to automate our database creation using git. We are creating a server from snapshot and importing data using impdp command.
We are able to create server after that we are creating some tables and importing schema from database dump using script.
We are able to create tables using sql command but not able to run impdp command using the script from the pipeline. It is working fine if we execute the script manually from the server. Below is the command which we used to run the script from the pipeline.

- gcloud compute --project "project_id" ssh --zone us-central1-f username@db-test -- sh /home/oracle/

We have exported environment variables and tried all the possible ways but it is not working in pipeline but if we execute the script manually then it is working fine. Below is the impdp command.

impdp system/test directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=export_$DATE.dmp logfile=imp_beta_${some_key}test$DATE.log remap_schema=production:production_${some_key},tracking:tracking_${some_key},somevalue:somevalue_${some_key} remap_tablespace=PRODUCTION_TBS1:PRODUCTION_${some_key}TBS1,tracking_tbs1:tracking${some_key}tbs1,production_indtbs1:production${some_key}indtbs1,somevalue_tbs1:somevalue${some_key}tbs1 transform=OID:n job_name=imp_prod_tracking_roller${some_key}_$DATE &