Object storage consolidated form - gitlab is not writing on object storage

Hello to everyone.
I have configured Gitlab to work with an object storage based on Minio in a consolidated form.
I use one account for different folders.
Both servers (gitlab+minio) run Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I used these documents to configure Minio and Gitlab with object storage:

gitlab-ctl reconfigure is ok and the configuration was updated.

Every time I commit on a project, I’m not able to see the space occupied by the new stuff uploaded on a project. Where can I find a log of activities to check if object storage is working or not?

If I upload files directly to Minio, I’m able to see the space occupied by the objects.

Here you can find my gitlab.rb:

gitlab_rails['object_store']['enabled'] = true
gitlab_rails['object_store']['proxy_download'] = true
gitlab_rails['object_store']['connection'] = {
      'provider' => 'AWS',
      'region' => 'eu-central-1',
      'endpoint' => 'https://minioServerIPAddress:9000',
      'aws_access_key_id' => 'AccessKeyOfMinio',
      'aws_secret_access_key' => 'secretAccessKeyOfMinio'
# gitlab_rails['object_store']['storage_options'] = {}
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['artifacts']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-artifacts'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['external_diffs']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-mr-diffs'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['lfs']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-lfs'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['uploads']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-uploads'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['packages']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-packages'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['dependency_proxy']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-dependency-proxy'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['terraform_state']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-terraform-state'
# gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['ci_secure_files']['bucket'] = 'gitlab'
gitlab_rails['object_store']['objects']['pages']['bucket'] = 'gitlab-pages'

There is other configuration step to enable object storage?

Thank you so much