Obtaining a DOI for a GitLab release or repo

Back in 2016 @hellokitty asked a question about obtaining DOIs for GitLab repos, so that people can easily cite the contents for a repo.

This is easily done in GitHub with Zenogo integrations, and there has been some discussion of this on the issues lists.

Does anyone have a workaround for this, maybe using webhooks? Or do people manually upload tarballs whenever they make a release? It would be really nice to have an automated recipe that could go in a .gitlab-ci.yml

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Having received this info
(from OpenAIRE - https://www.openaire.eu/archive/308-openaire-newsletter-september-2021)
I tried to understand if GitLab has equivalent features.
I only find this old thread, am I missing something?

No, whilst those two issues I linked to are still marked as Open, unfortunately this isn’t easily possible in GitLab.

Thanks for answering and providing the information.
I feel it is a really relevant missing feature, giving GitHub a strong competitive advantage.
Do you agree?
Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed to stimulate the development of an easy way to provide a GitLab project with a DOI?

The usual way to encourage GitLab to implement a particular feature is to up-vote (and maybe comment on) the relevant issues. This is how GitLab measures customer demand (outside of talking directly to sales people).

Please do up-vote the ones I linked to, and if you have colleagues working in the same area, please encourage them to do the same.