Obtaining gitlab oauth token for accessing private repos with toran proxy?

I’m new to Gitlab and still getting my bearings. I’m using the hosted gitlab.com and have installed an own instance of Toran Proxy on a personal domain with the intention of creating a local private composer packages for personal use (sort of a private instance of packagist).

To this end, I’d like to grant toran proxy access to the corresponding private repositories on my gitlab account via the api, which are stored in a file called auth.json file in toran proxy as follows:

    "github-oauth": {
        "github.com": "oauth-token-here"
    "gitlab-oauth": {
        "gitlab.yourhost.com": "oauth-token-here"

How do I authorize Toran Proxy access to the gitlab API via oauth and retrieve the oauth token for the above file? I tried adding a new application but am stumped at what to enter for the callback uri. The authorise button therefore never resolves.

Many thanks!

My current workaround is to use Satis, I’d rather be using Toran Proxy as well :frowning: