Odd ruby syntax highlighting

My GitLab CE server is highlighting ruby and puppet files strangely. Certain symbols get a different color background and I’m not sure why. Is this an issue with Rouge, GitLab, or am I missing something? Looks like this:

I’m on GitLab 8.6.5 Omnibus, viewing on Windows 7 in both Chrome and Firefox.

Hi phsteve,

I’m not seeing this issue on GitLab.com testing with a snippet.

Can you provide the file name (including extension)?


Strangely enough, I do see a similar highlight on your snippet, although the highlighting is different than what I originally posted!

My file’s name is “custom_facts.rb.erb” but I see the same issue if I create a snippet with the name custom_facts.rb. I’m seeing this on both Windows and Mac.

I’m seeing wonky ruby syntax as well

Is there a re fix planned? Any way to trick gitlab into applying proper syntax highlighting?