Official site for old omnibus version (v7.9.1)

Are old gitlab packages available for download on an official site?

I am looking for an old omnibus package (v7.9.1), for Debian. Through google I found , which has old versions, but not the one I am looking for. I also found which has 7.9.1, but it does not look like a proper archive site.


Why in the world would you ever want to download suck an old version?

Also, I don’t think you can get those release packages anymore. I don’t know of any public GL repository mirrors which could potentially still have the requested version.

Anyhow, you should really just use a newer one.

Because I need to migrate such an old version to a new server (including the data), and backup/restore works only if the target has the same version as the source.

I suggest the following;

  • Make a full backup (if running in a VM, make a full VM backup or even VM clone if possible, else stop all Gitlab services, sync the disk IO, compress all gitlab data (files, database, configuration, etc…) to a backup file and rsync it to another server)
  • Upgrade the gitlab instance to a newer version and then migrate it to another VM

I personally see this as the best solution.