Onscreen swipe keyboard for mac

Due to health issues I’m losing the use of my hands and speech. I’m looking for an onscreen keyboard for my Mac that allows swiping to type. That way I could “type” with a trackpad and stylus fairly easily and easily compared to trying to click each key onscreen or one at a time on a keyboard. Does one exsist? How hard would it be to make? Where would I start?

you have to use the touch pal app which offer swipe typing along with many other customization setting.

How? It says it supports iOS but not mac

This would be a better question to ask on the Apple MAC forums. Not really sure what this has to do with Gitlab to be honest?

Just looking for solutions from people that might be knowledgeable about making one. No need to gate keep

Even so, you are more likely to get a quicker response asking it on forums that are relevant to the question you are asking, eg: as I mentioned the Mac Forums. Asking here is almost like asking a cleaner to help fix my car when they aren’t a mechanic :slight_smile:

for mac you have to use Flesky keyboard app, offer swipe typing functionality allowing you to type with ease by using trackpads.