Origin/master in clone behind master - even though branch has all commits

With latest gitlab version, we were trying to compare current branch to origin/master - and we see last commit on master missing - even though it IS in the branch…
and if I do: git checkout -b issuexxxx --track origin/issuexxxx
and then do: git diff origin/master
locally - it shows correct diff…
When I do the same diff in CI job run on this branch - it is lacking latest commit from master (which IS in branch… maybe rebased in though - if that matters) - so it shows a bigger diff…

Any tips tho whats wrong here?

git log looks like this when clone’d locally:

commit on branch - which does not exist on master:

commit b0c05250a668818f32879652e6b4bd2001faddd6
Author: somename
Date: Fri Apr 23 13:24:49 2021 +0530

[issue #2213] Add CI script

And latest commit on master - also on this branch:

commit 7aaa2c8143cc8cce4906020abd29d6a2ec7b462f (origin/master, master)
Author: some author
Date: Thu May 6 10:52:07 2021 +0200

fix so yetibot vars all names YB now we set that to be the only ones to load.
`+ git branch -a` 

* (HEAD detached at 0467f86) remotes/origin/helm-index remotes/origin/issue-2213 remotes/origin/master

are the branches I see… and remotes/origin/master seems out of date :frowning:

Adding “git fetch” inside pipeline - helped. Now the diff fits.