Package migration

Hi everyone
I have a question around migrating npm packages from one gitlab environment / instance to another.
How would one go around migrating these packages? Perhaps high level steps? And same question around helm package migration, how would one migrate helm packages from one gitlab to another?
Thank you


I would say your best bet is check out the backup/restore documentation here: Back up and restore GitLab | GitLab

Backups should include everything from your Gitlab instance, so repositories, package repositories, etc. Pretty much everything is explained in the docs, so shouldn’t need repeating here too much.

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Thank you, I will explore this option, much appreciated. I heard someone mention there is a way of doing it using CI/CD? I might be wrong, just checking

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Hmm, not sure about the CI/CD thing. I only have docker images personally, that I could do with CI/CD just tagging and pushing from the old to the new one. Maybe something similar with what you are attempting to achieve, but I’ve no idea with npm/helm on how you would do that.

I appreciate your input, thank you so much, helps me a lot :facepunch:

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