Passing a Global GitLab Env Variable from Project A Pipeline to Project B Pipeline

Hello Gitlab’ers.

I am currently working on a project that does the following:

  1. When a model in one repo is updated it will:
    a. Kick off an automation tool to build and update the model in our infra when a new commit has happened.
    b. The project is another separate project, though in our same account/hierarchy of our Gitlab account.
    c. The environment variable I am passing is the CI_PROJECT_NAME

  2. The automation tool repo should then take in that trigger and run the stage/build/deploy based on the name of the repo (i.e. CI_PROJECT_NAME)

My project A (model repo) has the following CI config:

stages: # List of stages for jobs, and their order of execution
  #- build
  #- test ## Should add a test step on the model in the future to ensure it is working before it is built and deployed
  - deploy

  stage: deploy
    - 'curl -X POST --fail -F token=$AUTOMATION_TOOLS_TRIGGER_TOKEN -F "ref=main" -F "variables[CI_PROJECT_NAME]=true" ""'
#Run pipline merge test

My Project B trigger pipeline confiiguration

stages: # List of stages for jobs, and their order of execution
  #  - build
  - test
#  - deploy

  stage: test 
    - echo "Verify I get the project name from the model"
    - echo "$PROJECT_NAME"

Right now I am just trying to verify I actually have the environment variable to work with with the trigger. I have also tried just echo $CI_PROJECT_NAME

They both run but I don’t see any ENV outputting when the trigger on Project B is run. What am I doing wrong here?