Pausing running by sending PUT API requests using powershell

I am having difficulty getting the powershell command right to be able to pause runners using the API, please can someone help me get the command to work.
The linux format from Runners API | GitLab is:
curl --request PUT --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>” --form “active=false” “

I have tried different ways to expressing the --form in powershell but I am struggling to find the equivalent of this in powershell.
e.g. of what I have tried -
Invoke-RestMethod -Method “PUT” -Uri “http://$GitLabServer/api/v4/runners/294?private_token=$AccessToken” -active “false”
error - Invoke-RestMethod : {“error”:“description, active, tag_list, run_untagged, locked, access_level, maximum_timeout are missing, at least one parameter must be provided”}

I can see the linux command but need assistance getting it in the correct format for powershell.

The below works for me in that it returns data when using the GET method, I am just facing problems with PUT methods.
$AccessToken = “"

Invoke-RestMethod -Method “GET” -Uri “http://$GitLabServer/api/v4/runners/294?private_token=$AccessToken

My colleague has helped me with this, below is the correct command

Invoke-RestMethod -Method “PUT” -Uri “http://$GitLabServer/api/v4/runners/294?private_token=$AccessToken&active=false