Permissions to operate with determinated branchs

Hi everyone, I’m trying to define permissions for a protected branch to a certain group but I cannot find how to do it? It only lets me do it with a role but not with a group.
Luciano Achille

Add the group as role to the project, and use that role for protected branches. Protected branches | GitLab

Hi @dnsmichi, thanks for answer my question, We have GitLab Community Edition [15.1.2], I cannot find the option to add roles, could it be the version we have the reason ?

You can add the group into the project with the maintainer role for example. Navigate into Manage > Members and click on invite group. Search for the group name, and set the role to maintainer.


Next, navigate into Settings > Repository > Protected Branches and review/add more protected branches.

yes @dnsmichi, We have two branches in the project, for example developer and testing. and two groups, testing and developer. What I’m trying to do is that only the group developer be able to push or merge in branch developer and only the group testing in testing branch. At the moment both groups are maintainers in the project so they can push in every protected branch of the project where the role mainteiners is enabled. Thanks!