Pipeline producing unexpected results for Hugo sites after recent container updates

Has anyone else experienced unexpected results from a Hugo build on GitLab in the past couple of weeks?

Last week, our organization made a minor configuration change to one of our Hugo sites with multiple languages, and all its content suddenly vanished (except the footer, which was the one partial that did was not language-specific in the Hugo configuration).

We first thought that there had been some error on our end, but our local development builds of the same site worked fine. Many troubleshooting steps later, I decided to change the CI/CD pipeline setting for the GitLab Pages (production) version of our site from “latest” to the specific build of Hugo that was on GitLab a few weeks ago when the site was last touched. This fixed the issue! The site built normally again.

I am currently trying to track down the exact way in which our language-specific template configuration for our theme is breaking, and exactly which version of Hugo between 0.111.3 (works) and “latest” (site broken, layout missing language-specific partials) is related to our issue.

I am not sure yet whether this is GitLab specific, or a larger problem in the Hugo community, but thought I would reach out here so at least this comes up in a search if anyone else suddenly finds their code behaving unexpectedly as well. :thinking: