Podman runner cannot resolve the repository hostname

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Problem to solve

I’m spinning up a new local runner VM and instances. I’m running AlmaLinux 9.4 and using podman-4.9.4-3.el9_4.x86_64

When my CI job runs I get:

Initialized empty Git repository in /builds/websites/nwra-django/.git/
Created fresh repository.
fatal: unable to access 'https://REPOHOST/websites/nwra-django.git/': Could not resolve host: REPOHOST

Where REPOHOST is the FQDN of our internally hosted GitLab repository.

It doesn’t seem like I should have to do anything special to get the container to be able to checkout the repository.

Steps to reproduce

/etc/resolv.conf in the container contains:

search dns.podman


  name = "python3.6"
  url = "https://REPOHOST"
  id = 10
  token = "[REDACTED]"
  token_obtained_at = 2024-05-10T15:41:43Z
  token_expires_at = 0001-01-01T00:00:00Z
  executor = "docker"
  environment = ["FF_NETWORK_PER_BUILD=1", "http_proxy=http://PROXY:8080", "https_proxy=http://PROXY:8080", "HTTP_PROXY=http://PROXY:8080", "HTTPS_PROXY=http://PROXY:8080", "no_proxy=,::1,localhost,,,.nwra.com", "GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true", "PIP_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT=300"]
  # NOTE: This file cannot be larger than about 32k
  tls-ca-file = "/etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/nwra-proxy.crt"
  pre_get_sources_script = "cat /etc/resolv.conf; host git.nwra.com; git config --global http.proxy $HTTP_PROXY; git config --global https.proxy $HTTPS_PROXY"
  pre_build_script = "export REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=$CI_SERVER_TLS_CA_FILE"
    MaxUploadedArchiveSize = 0
    host = "unix:///run/user/994/podman/podman.sock"
    tls_verify = false
    image = "registry.access.redhat.com/ubi8/python-36"
    privileged = false
    disable_entrypoint_overwrite = false
    oom_kill_disable = false
    disable_cache = false
    volumes = ["/cache"]
    shm_size = 0
    network_mtu = 0


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If I drop FF_NETWORK_PER_BUILD the /etc/resolv.conf matches the host and it works. But it seems like FF_NETWORK_PER_BUILD should work “out of the box”.