Post upgrade GitLab-CE 9.1.4 to 13.10.0 opens activity or admin page only


Need advice to start triaging the issue here.

Whereas, following are the details:

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info

System information
Current User: git
Using RVM: no
Ruby Version: 2.7.2p137
Gem Version: 3.1.4
Bundler Version:2.1.4
Rake Version: 13.0.3
Redis Version: 6.0.10
Git Version: 2.29.0
Sidekiq Version:5.2.9
Go Version: unknown

GitLab information
Version: 13.10.0
Revision: 5eafdaf7b07
Directory: /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails
DB Adapter: PostgreSQL
DB Version: 12.5
SSH Clone URL: git@
Using LDAP: no
Using Omniauth: yes
Omniauth Providers:

GitLab Shell
Version: 13.17.0
Repository storage paths:

  • default: /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories
    GitLab Shell path: /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-shell
    Git: /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/git

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true:
Checking GitLab subtasks …

Checking GitLab Shell …

GitLab Shell: … GitLab Shell version >= 13.17.0 ? … OK (13.17.0)
Running /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-shell/bin/check
Internal API available: OK
Redis available via internal API: OK
gitlab-shell self-check successful

Checking GitLab Shell … Finished

Checking Gitaly …

Gitaly: … default … OK

Checking Gitaly … Finished

Checking Sidekiq …

Sidekiq: … Running? … yes
Number of Sidekiq processes (cluster/worker) … 1/1

Checking Sidekiq … Finished

Checking Incoming Email …

Incoming Email: … Reply by email is disabled in config/gitlab.yml

Checking Incoming Email … Finished

Checking LDAP …

LDAP: … LDAP is disabled in config/gitlab.yml

Checking LDAP … Finished

Checking GitLab App …

Git configured correctly? … yes
Database config exists? … yes
All migrations up? … yes
Database contains orphaned GroupMembers? … no
GitLab config exists? … yes
GitLab config up to date? … yes
Log directory writable? … yes
Tmp directory writable? … yes
Uploads directory exists? … yes
Uploads directory has correct permissions? … yes
Uploads directory tmp has correct permissions? … skipped (no tmp uploads folder yet)
Init script exists? … skipped (omnibus-gitlab has no init script)
Init script up-to-date? … skipped (omnibus-gitlab has no init script)
Projects have namespace: …
Redis version >= 4.0.0? … yes
Ruby version >= 2.7.2 ? … yes (2.7.2)
Git version >= 2.29.0 ? … yes (2.29.0)
Git user has default SSH configuration? … yes
Active users: … 6
Is authorized keys file accessible? … yes
GitLab configured to store new projects in hashed storage? … yes
All projects are in hashed storage? … yes

Checking GitLab App … Finished

Checking GitLab subtasks … Finished

Would also help, if you explained exactly what you did to upgrade your system. What procedure did you follow? What versions did you upgrade to between 9.1.4 and 13.10.0? Or did you upgrade directly to latest release (which is a big mistake if you did). Did you wait for background migrations to finish before attempting subsequent upgrades.

Posting what you did above, doesn’t help us whatsoever in resolving your problem. There is missing a whole lot of extra info that could help.

If you have upgraded directly from 9.1.4 to 13.10.0 you can look at your backups and do a restore. After that please look at official Upgrade guide

Well the attempt was a sequential upgrade but avoided taking backup during the updates.

The issue could be the sequence/order followed at the time of updating the gitlab CE server.

So restored the snapshot to the last working state of gitlab CE server running 9.1.4 and later did the patching as below:

  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-9.2.6-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-9.5.10-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-10.8.7-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-11.11.8-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-12.0.12-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-12.1.17-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-12.2.5-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-12.10.14-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-13.0.14-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-13.1.11-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce-13.5.4-ce.0.el7
  • sudo yum install gitlab-ce

Thanks all for your support.