Postgresql upgradation in gitlab CE 16.7.0

How to upgrade postgressql to version14 in gitlab ce 16.7.0

reference:GitLab 16 changes | GitLab

I have upgraded from 16.7 to 16.8 using docker image but still showing PostgreSQL 13

Hi there
Do you have a test environment you can test this in?
Documentation / link suggests to run sudo gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade

Gitlab will only use the newer version of postgresql in two scenarios:

  1. That the postgresql version is mandatory for the version being upgraded to.
  2. You upgrade postgresql manually before point 1 occurs.

This page: PostgreSQL versions shipped with the Linux package | GitLab seems to hint that 14.x is the default version for upgrades for 16.7 and higher, but that doesn’t seem to be the case since I’m using 16.8.1 and still on 13.12.

That said, manually I just did:

gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade

and it’s now upgrading it manually. I expect the Gitlab documentation is incorrect, and that Postgresql 14 is not the default yet for upgrades, but rather only for clean installs.


I have performed apt-get update in my OS,now whether this command
gitlab-ctl pg-upgrade will upgrade my gitlab postgres to version 14 or 16?
i want to upgrade only to 14.
Also what will happen if i donot i upgrade my gitlabctl postgresql to postgres14?

If you are using bundled pgsql, pgsql 16 is not available. Only 13 and 14. It says on the page I linked.