Prevent Job Log Collapsing

I have a deployment pipeline for a typo3 project and use PHP Deployer. I’m on cloud GitLab (16.10.0-pre).

The job log for the deploy step has hierarchical pre-collapsed sections, meaning I have to click multiple times to expand everything if I am trying to find something. I did not create these sections myself. I have not been able to find out if GitLab has some logic to pre-define collapsible sections per default or if php deployer has some built-in logic specifically for GitLab sections. Google did not show any results for either. I can’t find any obvious section definitions in my yaml file or the deploy.php file containing the deployment logic.

I’d be happy for any hints on these questions:

  • Does GitLab define sections that are not mentioned in my yaml file? If so, how can I disable them?
  • Is there a way to disable collapsible sections in general for a project or a job?
  • Is there a way to expand all sections by default? If not, is there a way to expand all with one click in the view?

I tried to manually add collapsible sections, hoping the others might disappear then. Unfortunately they didn’t.
Then I asked ChatGPT for help, but neither of the 5 proposed solutions worked:

  • adding “export COLLAPSE=false” in the job’s script
  • adding “export CI_JOB_COLLAPSE_OUTPUT=false” in the job’s script
  • adding “echo -e “travis_fold:start:deploy_step”” in the beginning and “echo -e “travis_fold:end:deploy_step”” in the end of the job’s script
  • deactivating “Show all details of pipeline steps” in Settings > CI/CD > “General pipelines” (could not find that option)
  • activating “Expand all job logs” in Settings > CI/CD > “General pipelines” (could not find that option)