Prevent running CI/CD without semi-linear history

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Problem to solve

When we don’t have a semi-linear history, their might be changes in the target branch that are not on the source branch.

I want the CI result to show me what I will have after the merge
But since the CI runs on the source branch, it does not know the things that changed on the target. Therefore, to achieve my goal, I only want to run the CI if I have a linear history.

NOTE: I can already prevent the merge (Merge methods | GitLab). What I want is preventing the CI from running.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Take a branch master with a file containing:

The CI must simply echo the content of the file.

  1. Create 2 branches (dev1 and dev2)
  2. In branch dev1, remove “foo” and merge in master
  3. In branch dev2, remove “bar” and prepare the merge request

The CI will show


When I want to see


This is because of the history linearity, and I must be able to block the CI from running in this scenario.

As far as I understand the only way to do it is to have specific job which will run and check changes using git merge from main branch and emit a variable like: skip_the_rest_of_ci=true. And the next jobs have to have

    - if: '$skip_the_rest_of_ci != "true"'

or have it in the task itself:

- |
  [ skip_the_rest_of_ci = "true" ] && exit 0