Prevent the pipeline

Is there now a way to prevent the pipeline from starting when creating a new branch?
Many thanks for your support.

Hi Florian, you can use the rules clause to specify when jobs in a pipeline should run or not:

If you exclude all jobs, then the pipeline will not run

Hi rpadovani,
thanks for the hint, but I can’t find any variable that would prevent the start of the pipeline at a new branch. Do you have an example?

Thanks a lot

Hi Florian,
what do you mean with “at a new branch”?
Do you want the pipeline to run only on some default branches?
Do you want it to run only after an MR for the branch is created?

Hi rpadovani,
I mean, as soon as I click on this button a pipeline starts, but I want to prevent that.

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I have this same question. Looking for the correct conditions to prevent the pipeline from running upon creating a new branch.