Private GitLab and saas


I use Windows.

I have a private GitLab and a machine on the saas.

I have a public IP (A) on the gitlab machine

I also have a public IP (B) that bridges the saas machine.

When I register a runner on the saas machine with public ip A, GitLab detects the machine on the web interface (green circle).

When I push, the job stays in blocked state.

Is it possible to run a runner based on my configuration?
If yes, how should I do please?

Are there any ports to open?

If I use instead of private GitLab, it works

Thank you

Hi @jcouturier

Your GitLab Runner need to reach GitLab instance on HTTPS. Which I guess is working since, you have successfully registered the Runner.
What is the status of the Runner in GitLab UI? Does your GitLab Runner have “run untagged jobs” checked?


I put the public IP in HTTP.

Runner status on GitLab UI is “online”.

Where is the checkbox “run untagged jobs” ? My GitLab version is 13.1.4

Thank you

When you click the Runner ID (it’s should be a link) in UI you will get to Runner config page.

no it is not checked. Should I tick it?

I have this error in the job page : “This job is stuck because you don’t have any active runners online or available with any of these tags assigned to them: app-cloud”

Does your Runner have tag app-cloud in the config page? If not you need to add it.

yes everything is good.

I have configured several runners on different machines, I have never encountered a problem.

The only difference in this case is that it is an external machine which is not on the same network as the GitLab

should I use HTTPS or whatever?
I opened all the ports, it’s the same

Is that particular Runner enabled for project the pipeline is running for? Last think that comes to my mind.

Yes he is enabled