Private Gitlab with private registry


I installed docker version of gitlab, runners, and registry. Today i have 4 containers on the same machine.

-Runner 1
-Runner 2

I don’t use SSL certificate, because all of my containers are in local. But i have a problem, my runner can with insercure registry push builds containers on my registry and all is good when i look on http://registry.local:5000/v2/_catalog, but i can’t see anything on my gitlab “Deploy > Container Registry”, why ? What’s missing ? It’s possible to use all of my gitlab lab without SSL ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @trist06

what’s your registry_external_url in gitlab.rb? Try to set it to http://<gitlab_domain>

Yes I set up to registry.local:5000, do you think I need to set the gitlab domain ?

I finally find the solution !! It’s not necessary to install a registry container, it’s already inside gitlab.