Problem loading the "commits" graph

I have version 13.0.14 of Gitlab installed from source on a Linux server. The problem that is happening to me randomly is when accessing any of the projects I have in Gitlab, when going to the “Graph” option in Repository menu where a tree ordered by date of all commits in these project is graphically displayed. For some projects that tree remains loading indefinitely, not being able to see the information displayed. This behavior is totally random, since for other projects it correctly generates the tree and you can navigate through it without problem.
Several options have been tested in case it is something from the browser where we access:

  • Several browsers have been tested in different versions with the same random behavior.
  • Tried restarting the service but it doesn’t solve it, and it still has the same random behavior.

Any clue as to why there is such random behavior in different projects when it comes to displaying the tree of committed commits?

Thanks in advanced.

You may want to check gitlab-rails/production.log or gitlab-rails/production_json.log for more information that may help in diagnosing the problem. However, Gitlab 13.0.14 is really old and unsupported now, so ideally you should be looking to upgrade to one of the latest supported release - since this problem may already be resolved in a newer version.