Problem Updating from gitlab 14.1.8 onwards!

Hi To all community members!
I really need your help, I am trying to upgrade from 14.1.8 onwars (either to latest or 14.2.0 doens’t matter) always fails -
it basically stuck on
"Recipe: gitlab::database_migrations

  • ruby_block[check remote PG version] action nothing (skipped due to action :nothing)
  • rails_migration[gitlab-rails] action run
    • bash[migrate gitlab-rails database] action run"
      for a good 15~20 Minutes
      and than fails telling me to restart redis (which also doesn’t work with gitlab-ctl)
      I am using Omnibus installation via yum repo. I am using gitlab form version 6 and it never happened… the db version is recent and there is no background migration, and it still refuses to work with the same problem…
      has anyone encountered it? any Ideas?

Info about the server:

Gitlab Version: 14.1.8

GitLab Shell 13.19.1

GitLab Workhorsev 14.1.8

GitLab APIv4

Ruby 2.7.2p137



Redis 6.0.14

every direction is blessed! thanks in advance!