Problem when try open the new branches

Hi, recently i’m have problem with to view a new branches in the online repository. I create a new branch in my local repository in VS Code, push to online repository, but, i can’t to view the branch content in the online repository.

The following error message appears:

the only thing I can’t do is view the branch content, the other features are correct.

First, make sure the branch has been successfully pushed to the online repository. You can do this by running git push -u origin your-branch-name in the terminal within VS Code. The -u flag sets the upstream for your branch, making it easier to push and pull changes in the future. Ensure there are no errors during this process.
Also, sometimes, using the VS Code interface might not provide enough feedback or detail about what’s going wrong. Using the command line to push the branch and check its status can offer more detailed error messages or confirmations.