Problem with api gitlab v4

Hi, I’m trying to read a git file using api gitlab v4.If the file is in the first level, I get it without problems.


However, if the file is inside a folder, it is not possible:


Therefore, I think there is a problem with “file_path” for v4.

Thank you

I checked with a project of my own using: GitLab 12.1.6 (4016bcac51d)

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: *************" "https://git.***********.net/api/v4/projects/179/repository/files/"
curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: *************" "https://git.***********.net/api/v4/projects/179/repository/files/"

Both return a json object with file metadata.
If you get different results, I would assume you have a typo in the path of your second http call. Or if you are expecting the raw file you should add `/raw’ after the file name.


Thank you very much, I have checked what you say and I still see the same error

message “404 File Not Found”

Can it be because of the gitlab version? I am using 11.3.6