Problem with Auth? - "Change your password"

Hi folks,

I’ve inherited a GitLab instance running in AWS. It authenticates against Azure Active Directory, and the Amazon Linux AMI is set up to be recreated each night with the latest gitlab-ce from repos.

A couple days ago, we all started getting a “Change your password” prompt when trying to access the instance. I suspect a recently nightly rebuild created the problem, and because of the (seemingly nonsensical) prompt, I suspect that the authentication integration broke. (This is just a guess.)

Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about the setup, and the documentation is in GitLab, itself (now inaccessible).

I see a log called /var/log/gitlab/gitlab-rails/production.log in CloudWatch, but since I’m not used to looking at that log, I’m not sure if it’s telling me anything important.

Could you point me in the right direction as to how to get started troubleshooting this?