Project access token : I don't see read_registry or write_registry scopes

The Project > Settings > Project access tokens documentation mentions the read_registry and write_registry scopes:

  • read_registry : Allow read-access (pull) to container egistry images if a project is private and authorization is required.
  • write_registry: Allows write-acceess (push) to container registry

but I don’t see those scopes in my project .> settings > Access tokens , I only see api, read_api, read_reposity and write_repository.

Nevermind, I realized that read_registry and write_registry are for the container registry and not for the package registry. So the container registry is not enabled by default and that’s why the those read_registry and write_registry are missing.

In my case I read_api was the actual scope I was looking for as that grants access to the package registry too.