Project Analytics :: Business Idea?


I’m trying to gather some data on a business idea that I’m working on. I want to expand the Analytics already provided by GitLab because it doesn’t give me the overall visibility that I want and the integration needed for projects that I see in big companies.

I was wondering :

  • who uses what is already provided by GitLab?
  • what kind of limitation do you see in it?
  • if you don’t use it, why?

Currently, I’m the COO of a dev company, with 50 devs and I cannot use what is provided by GitLab (and I didn’t find anything similar) to provide actual feedback to my team during their annual appraisal meeting AND to provide a 360 view on our large and complex project.

I’ve talked to a bunch of CEO / COO / CTO / Lead Dev / Scrum Master and they all agree that something is missing… Do you agree?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: