Project Visibility in Community Edition Not Working Per Documentation

Hello Community,

Question and issue regarding project access and visibility on a Community Edition (CE) instance of GitLab.

A project set to “internal”, in a group set to “public”, is allowing git push/pulls by a remote user that is not in gitlab. The user is a linux user on a remote VM. The user’s rsa public key is enabled with write access in the project’s configuration (Settings->Repository->Deploy Keys)

We have an Enterprise Edition (EE) version with the same configuration for a project and the remote push/pull is not allowed. According to the documentation, the EE instance is behaving properly - i.e. an “internal” project can be accessed by any signed in user.

I’m curious as to why the CE instance is allowing access to the project. Have I misunderstood the access and visibility data in the documentation? Is there some setting that I am not considering?

Both EE and CE are version 13.12.4.

Any suggestions would be great.


Problem resolved. Community edition IS working per the documentation. The documentation on deploy keys explains that deploy keys can be added to allow remote users to access repositories without having to set up fake user accounts.

The pull/push issue in the Enterprise Edition was caused by a “stale” key ID in the /var/opt/gitlab/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

Deploy keys | GitLab