Publishing npm package results in 401


I’m struggling with this issue a few days now and can’t get it to work.
We use a self managed gitlab (GitLab Enterprise Edition [13.4.0-ee]). After enabling the package_registry feature we wanted to publish packages, but we always get a “npm ERR! 401 Unauthorized - PUT …” error.
I strictly followed the docs, but it doesn’t work.
My setup is as following:

I have a project under following url:

I have owner rights to both the group and the project.

The project and group both have registry enabled. Now I compile my publishable angular library, with following settings inside the package.json file:

"name": "@<group_name>/<project_name>",
"publishConfig": {
    "@<group_name>:registry": "https://gitlab.<company_name>.de/api/v4/projects/113/packages/npm/"

Following the documentation, the scope should be the group name (which also equals my company name). Then I created a access-token (also tested it with a deploy token and project access token) and added this to my .npmrc file:


Where group_name is the scope, company_name my company name (equals the scope in my case), project_name is the name of the library and project_id is 113 (the id of the project).

When I try to publish it via npm publish I get the error 401 above. When running yarn publish it actually want’s me to login with a username and then a email (?), but the result is almost the same, it just says could not found package (which is obvious, if it has not been published yet).

What am I doing wrong? I have read the docs 10 times no, but nothing works.
Help would really be appreciated, thanks.

Okay, for everyone who might also have this issue:

The url should not contain any uppercase letters and in the npmrc file I removed the single and double quotation marks added by npm config set. After that, it finally worked!