Pushing own DORA data into GitLab

Is it possible to expose our own data via GitLab? For the time being, the existing DORA tools in GitLab aren’t usable for us. We are using our own tools to measure the DORA metrics, but are keen for the data to be accessible within GitLab.

Is there any way to pipe our own data into the dashboards, or another approach?


Hi, @eoinokane.

The DORA features are development and maintained by the Release Stage.

Looking at their release orchestration category direction, I don’t see any indication that they intend to support external sources of DORA metrics.

The DORA4 epic also doesn’t contain anything like you describe.

You can always [propose a new feature](https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/new?issuable_template=Feature Proposal - basic) and see what the Product Manager says. Please tag the product manager for the Stage you’re proposing the feature. This will ensure you get a quicker response.