Pushing the local commits to gitlab repo, shows wrong commit timings

Hello everyone!
I am having a problem with gitlab regarding the timings of commits pushed to gitlab repository from local repository on my machine.
Initially, I had pushed a local branch to remote gitlab repo. After some time, I deleted that branch from gitlab repo. Later, after updating code in local machine repository, I pushed it again to the gitlab repo. But now on gitlab, it shows the same time ( time at which I pushed my branch ) for all the commits in that pushed branch.
On local machine, I can see that it has correct timings for each commit. I have verified it by using “git log” command.
Now I have tried one more time deleting the branch from gitlab repo again and then, pushing it. I have also tried to rename the branch before pushing. But, all this is in vain. It’s not showing the correct commit timings.
Could anybody please suggest some sort of solution to this problem?