Query for forks of a project using the GraphQL API

In the project travo we need at some stage to use the GitLab API to query for all the forks of a given project. So far we have been using the ReST API v4. For performance reasons, we would like to switch to the GraphQL API. I explored the GraphQL reference and also played with GraphiQL, but did not find how to make such a request. I also noticed that projects don’t seem to have the forked_from field that is exposed in the REST API:

query {
  project(fullPath: "L1InfoInitiationScienceDonnees/2021-2022/MI3/Semaine1") {
    forked_from_project {

I am new to GraphQL and may have missed something though.

Is the fork relation between projects exposed in the GraphQL schema? If yes
how can this be used to query for all the forks of a given project?

Thank you in advance!