Question on using template: 'Workflows/MergeRequest-Pipelines.gitlab-ci.yml'

Just a question about how using the MergeRequestPipelines template works. Let’s say I use include: - template: 'Workflows/MergeRequest-Pipelines.gitlab-ci.yml' in b.gitlab-ci.yml and then I include b.gitlab-ci.yml into my main .gitlab-ci.yml. Does the workflow template apply to all jobs now?

The include directive will effectively include the content of the template into the same pipeline definition.

The specific template you are pointing to uses workflow:rules configuration which applies to the entire pipeline: Keyword reference for the .gitlab-ci.yml file | GitLab

So by extension, yes, it will influence the entire pipeline, and even other, later included job definitions, because workflow:rules are evaluated early, at the pipeline level.