Questions RE integrating GitLab with Prometheus

I am looking into what needs to be done to integrate our GitLab instance with Prometheus. The GitLab instance is located on a VM, while the Prometheus instance is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, housed in a different VM. The Prometheus instance is deployed via the kube-prometheus-stack Helm chart provided at My search quickly led to Monitoring GitLab with Prometheus | GitLab and this is what I’m using as my guide.

Step 3 in the instructions talk about setting “listen addresses” in the gitlab.rb file for each of the various GitLab services. I’m not sure which IP address should be specified. Should these be the Prometheus instance IP address?

Step 11 talks about adding configuration on the Prometheus side to add scrape configs. Are the IP addresses in the example placeholders for the GitLab instance IP address?

Hey, did you get far with this? Got it to work?

I have not been able to spend much time recently on this, but no, I have no luck so far.