Range IP to allow Connection from Sonarqube on a private server


Configuration : Gitlab (.com)Sonarqube (on private server)

When i see the documentation to configure CI/CD with a “stage” dedicated to “Sonarqube” on a private server, i must allow a IP range from Gitlab to make the reapport on my Sonarqube server. So this IP range i must put to the whitelist.
I see the official documentation about and the IP range for API is betwen * and*. Documentation here.
But when i test that doens’t work.

Problem to allow IP Range

When i test my pipelines and when my stage is on “sonarqube”, my Sonarqube server recived anothers IP (denied by the moment). Is for that my pipeline cannot finish.
Here is a few list of IP that try to connect to my private server :


What is the correct IP Range ?

As you can see none of these directions is on * and*.
So :

  • Should I allow the other IP addresses as well? Or am I making a mistake and don’t have the correct range of IP addresses?

Thanks for taking the time to be thorough in your request, it really helps! :blush: