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Hi this is my first time to use CI/CD. I tried it here on this project and the page is here I noticed that every time I commit (push) the pipeline or jobs (I’m not sure) downloads the new docker image. Is that the usual process? The other thing is that webpack has this watch option which watches every changes on any file. Do I need that? Because CI/CD also watches every changes on my project.

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Hi, and welcome to the GitLab forum :slight_smile:

Looking at one of the jobs on your project, I assume you mean this, correct?

Pulling docker image node:latest ...

If so, that’s normal when you specify the image keyword to use Docker for your CI/CD jobs. From the Using Docker images doc:

Docker, when used with GitLab CI, runs each job in a separate and isolated container using the predefined image that is set up in .gitlab-ci.yml.

In terms of pipelines vs. jobs, I’d suggest reading the pipelines page in the documentation, and the linked jobs doc page, which should help clarifying the differences and how they work.

As per the Webpack question, I’m not an expert there, so I’m hoping someone else can give you a hand.

I hope this helps!

Btw, what is artifacts? I read in some blog that artifacts is the directory that you want to use in the next job. I’m not really sure.

You’ll find more info on artifacts here: In short:

Artifacts is a list of files and directories which are attached to a job after it completes successfully. This feature is enabled by default in all GitLab installations.

In general, I’d suggest using the search function at to learn more about a particular part of GitLab. I hope this helps!