Recover or remov emy account

For a company internship I created a gitlab account at /lolozen I had to enable 2FA too. now I got everything back to the company (laptop etc) and have no access anymore to that account (no ssh to recover code or anything) I still have access to mail email,I know my password and username. I linked my github account to this gitlab account but since I have not access anymore to my gitlab account I don’t know what to do.

I’m willing to pay or even get my account fully deleted in order to free my email from this account because for now I’m just stuck with an account I can’t manage.

Is there any way I can just free myself from that I even don’t care to loose my projects I just want to either recover the account or have it fully deleted so I can make a new one and free my github account.

Hi @Lolozendev

you need to contact GitLab support. This is just a community forum. We cannot help with GitLab account issues.