Refreshing a Fork

It appears Gitlab recently changed their subscription model, such that pull mirroring is only available to Premium accounts. This is really frustrating as I have relied on it for years to maintain the Eigen project.

@rmlarsen I assume you are referring to libeigen / eigen · GitLab - you could apply for the GitLab for Open Source program to receive Ultimate benefits.

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FYI, work on fetching and allowing to sync forks that are behind upstream is being prioritized. This happens in iterations:

I’ve edited my comment to reflect the current situation.

Aha, thanks for the detailed instruction about the topic, I was struggling with that for the last 3 days and you saved my day thank you man big heart for you.

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I have a fork and I’ve recently clicked on ‘update fork’… it works for the branches but it does not brings up the new tags from the original repos. Any workarounds?


We would be interested in comparing fork branches with the corresponding upstream ones to know if they are behind/ahead compared to their corresponding branches (and not only the main one).
This would be useful for example in the case where some developer wants to merge/contribute a bugfix to the upstream “release” branch (and not the “main” branch) and needs to know if the fork “release” branch is behind/ahead and needs to be updated before contributing to upstream.

I saw there was some performances issues to calculate the divergence between fork/upstream ( !106634), is it the reason it is not possible to do this ?


Thanks for the idea. Suggest creating a new proposal to discuss further :slight_smile: