Refreshing a Fork

It appears Gitlab recently changed their subscription model, such that pull mirroring is only available to Premium accounts. This is really frustrating as I have relied on it for years to maintain the Eigen project.

@rmlarsen I assume you are referring to libeigen / eigen · GitLab - you could apply for the GitLab for Open Source program to receive Ultimate benefits.

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FYI, work on fetching and allowing to sync forks that are behind upstream is being prioritized. This happens in iterations:

I’ve edited my comment to reflect the current situation.

Aha, thanks for the detailed instruction about the topic, I was struggling with that for the last 3 days and you saved my day thank you man big heart for you.

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I have a fork and I’ve recently clicked on ‘update fork’… it works for the branches but it does not brings up the new tags from the original repos. Any workarounds?