Registry problem

I’m relatively new to docker so forgive me if this is just a dumb user error.

I’m trying to upload a modified docker image to gitlab and I’m getting an error:
“denied: requested access to the resource is denied”

The steps I’m going through:

  • docker pull
  • modify the image
  • commit the image
  • docker login -u username -p token
  • tag the image docker tag a179773563c9
  • attempt to push docker push

That’s when I get the error message…
"denied: requested access to the resource is denied"

So am I missing a step or 20? am I doing something incorrect or out of order?

I have no Dockerfile - I’m just pulling a pre-built image, modifying, and committing it…


Did you find solution? Have exactly the same issue.

Same issue. It might be a bug. I saw an issue on the GitLab tracker that suggested the automatic creation of the registry (instead of an empty thing like we have today) with a tiny hello-world container so users can pull it. This would test the registry is running before we get to docker push and crash head first on the denied: requested access to the resource is denied wall.

To me, it only worked after I disabled 2-Factor Authentication.

Same problem here, no 2FA.
Any solution? Or is there a detailed guide?
The instructions posted on the Registry page of my repo are not sufficient